In a world where technology has led to an explosive growth of images, and where neither art nor culture is any longer the exclusive preserve of the intellectual elite, we are seeing the dawn of a new and exciting era in the anarchy of art. 

Jhoan Roa (Guanare, 1992) mixes images of creatures extracted from the memories of his childhood with popular iconography to produce works which exude the same energy and innocence of the work of children. The juxtaposition of doodles with figures, coupled with his choice of Spray as a medium, have given rise to illustrations which impart details and spontaneity through experimental techniques. 

He is currently working on the idea of a transgressive painting, which gives expression to the intimate confessions of his life, with violence and imprecision making up an art flow that highlights his individuality and the rebellious streak in his character. 

With a clear influence from American pop-art and neo-expressionism, the theme of Roa’s work is based upon the relationship between the evolution of art and industrialisation, with combinations of primary and vibrant colours being manipulated to represent the commercial aesthetics of our time. 

These freedoms that we commonly associate with the work of children and adolescents are inspired by Cy Towmbly’s complex scribbling lines, along with the archaic expression of early civilisations. They allow the artist to make the viewers of his work happy by bringing back the memories of their childhood through the style of his paintings.



Jhoan Roa, better known as Roa originally from the City of Guanare, Portuguesa State. Born on July 24th, 1992, with Venezuelan nationality, Son of Jenny de Jesus Roa and Cheila Arenas, and the youngest of his four brothers.


Plastic artist, from an early age he had the initiative to stay creative at all times and in all aspects, he began his studies at the school of Fine Arts at 9 years old, in 2008 he graduated from high school with focus on sciences at age of 15, then enters to study medicine but does not finish his studies. In 2014, he moved to the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, fleeing the political and economic crisis in his country, and from Brazil inspired by nature, culture, art and the search for knowledge travels to Europe and Asia.


In 2018, after a great acceptance of his works by the Asian public, he made his first exhibition at the Altro Mondo Greenbelt 5 gallery (Philippines) and decided to return to Venezuela after many years for his first individual exhibition at the Carlos Emilio Culture Center Muñoz Oraa from his hometown.


Currently his artistic studio is in ipanema, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


2001              Escuela de Bellas Artes, Guanare - Venezuela

1999 - 2008  Colegio Católico Nuestra Señora de Lourdes


2018            Painter highlighted by the government of the Portuguese State



2018            "Beyond the Naked eye" Collective exhibition at the Gallery Altro Mondo                             Greenbelt 5 Manila                         Filipinas.

2018            Participation in the 75th Venice Biennale.

2018            "Genesis" individual exhibition chromatic experience at the Carlos Emilio                            Muñoz Oraa culture center in the city of Guanare, Venezuela.

2018            The Backroom Sale Manila, Collective exhibition at Whitespace, Makati,                            Filipinas


2020            Art Made in Quarantine, Collective exhibition                                                                       by


2018           Jhoan Roa in ‘Beyond the naked eye’  by Philstar Global

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