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Jhoan Roa "Beyond the naked eye" Group exhibition

Beyond the naked eye August 9 - September 2, 2018 Opening Saturday August 9, 7-10 PM

On the 9th of August, the contemporary Altro Mondo Gallery in the city of Manila, Philippines, brought together 10 talented young artists recently for the exhibition "Beyond the naked eye", a sample of abstract paintings that represents the contemporary world of art. Jhoan Roa the international artist who visits us from Venezuela presents a series of eclectic Volumes, with an amazing capacity to assimilate and mix the best of art. His work has an undeniable strength, full of expression, vitality, energy, emotion, improvisation inspired by the culture of his hometown.

The exhibition, which will run until September 2th, is located in the Altro Mondo Gallery Greenbelt 5. It has the participation of local artists such as J Consunji, Sonny Fernando, Niño Hernandez, Fitz Herrera, Kenneth John Montegrande, Demi Padua, Pancho Piano, Jay Ragma y Valen Valero




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